AMFplus aims to be an instrument to help family doctors, providing data that is useful in their daily practice; data that is not easy to find, but which can help in selecting the options to offer those who come to their practice; data that can help guide their decisions. You will find:

  • NNT (number needed to treat) and NNH (number needed to harm) database.
  • Diagnostic likelihood ratios.
  • Those things that it is clear we should not do: “What not to do”.
  • A record of the health problems for which we have already incorporated NNT and LR (likelihood ratio) and which will allow us to obtain an overall, summarised view of the health problem.

The search and selection of NNTs and LRs is performed after an orderly, systematic search and selection process carried out by the same team of people (the Working Group of Evidence-Based Medicine of the Murcian Society of Family and Community Medicine [SMUMFYC]).

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