Mission, values and commitments


AMF’s mission is to provide a continuing training tool in Family and Community Medicine, based on the speciality programme, designed and developed by family doctors themselves.



  • Professional rigour: AMF promotes continuous training based on the best available evidence.
  • Practical orientation: AMF wants to be useful to those who practice Family and Community Medicine. The content combines the main themes of this speciality (which are reviewed every 4 years) with other aspects or problems that are often left aside.
  • Innovation: AMF combines the journal format with new digital possibilities. It approaches health problems from a different and innovative point of view.
  • Transparency: AMF adheres to the requirements on biomedical works of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. It is financed through contributions from the subscribers. The director, the Drafting Committee and the Editorial Committee, as well as those who write the articles duly declare their possible conflicts of interest.
  • Participation: AMF promotes the participation not only of the semFYC working groups and the federated societies, but also of all those associated with these entities and of all specialists in Family Medicine. The Drafting Committee will try to combine well-known authors with the participation of newer authors and will open up spaces for participation (particular sections, experiences, letters, photographs, etc.).
  • Respect for diversity: AMF, within its mission of rigour, will enjoy the diversity of logical opinions among a wide group made up of those who practice Family and Community Medicine, bearing in mind the reality of semFYC and that of its 17 federal societies. AMF will also promote an environment respectful of the different sociocultural realities and Spain’s four official languages.



In keeping with its mission and values, AMF commits itself to its subscribers to:

  1. Base its continuing training programme on the official programme of the specialty of Family and Community Medicine.
  2. Reference the degree of evidence in its work.
  3. Review all the works commissioned by at least one person from the Drafting Committee, in collaboration with the group in charge of its revision.
  4. Make work assignments primarily for specialists in Family Medicine.
  5. Update the main health problems in the daily practice of Family Medicine every 4 years. They will be published primarily in the monograph issues or in “The main health problems” section.
  6. Update some of the topics, at least annually, in the digital version.
  7. Publish 11 issues (2 monographs) of the journal per year, with online additions.
  8. Publish 9 annual issues of sections in digital format which are open to all members of semFYC.
  9. Periodically publish the contents of AMFplus.
  10. Offer weekly contributions to the What’s cooking? blog summary by AMF.
  11. Offer the subscribers self-assessments in each issue and a periodic individualised assessment every 6 months.
  12. Adhere to the requirements on biomedical works of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (most current version in English).
  13. Periodically renew the declaration of possible conflicts of interest by those in the Editorial Committee, the Drafting Committee and the director.
  14. Promote the active participation of family doctors in the development of their continuing training programme: AMF.
  15. Request a declaration of conflict of interest and non-superfluous content from those who publish in the journal.