What is it?

AMF (Family Medicine Update) is semFYC’s distance learning programme.

Its objective is to provide family doctors with a continuous training tool, based on the speciality programme, designed and prepared by specialists in Family and Community Medicine.

AMF is governed by a Steering Committee. The content of the programme is compiled by the Drafting Committee, which is advised by the Editorial Committee, and the collaboration of a group of people in charge of its revision. The technical work is carried out by semFYC Editions. This group of professionals acts in line with the mission, values and commitments of AMF.

AMF has a rigorous and practical focus. It combines the main themes of Family Medicine (which are reviewed every 4 years) with other aspects or problems that are often left aside.

AMF approaches health problems from a different and innovative point of view, with a wide variety of sections.

AMF distributes its content in both journal format and via a powerful e-portal (www.AMF-semFYC.com).

AMF has a personalised system of periodic assessment (every 6 months). Passing these assessments earns the participant the right to officially recognised training credits.

AMF is your continuing training programme.